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Pendant UMAGE made of goose feathers.

Available in various diameters & colours.

Pendant PUB the industrial look en feel.

Made in Europe and available in 3 colours.

Pendant STAN made of trendy black wire.

Available in 3 various shapes.

Pendant STRAP made of metal & leather.

Also available in other colours & sizes.

Floorlamp TIN a simple black steel design.

Adjustable with a max. heigt of 208 cm.

Textilecable TWISTED

Available in many versions.

Pendant KARBUKI from Kartell.
One size five colours.

Pendant CLAVA made of unbreakable aluminium.
Available in gold, white, silver & copper.

Pendant FLOAT available in a mix of colours and shapes.
The top is made of walnut.

Table JOAN
We make custommade tables of used scaffolding wood with iron base.


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