Our industrial lighting and interior items gives your livingroom, kitchen,  restaurant or office the ultimate ambience. In our webshop you can find different pendants and lighting components. You like an other style, please check out our lookbook for more inspiration. Here you see pendant LIV in black.

Murray can also give you a good advise to combine lighting and interior items. Here you see pendant STAN, check our webshop for the various models.

This barstool DYLAN with adjustable leather seat is handmade in the UK and in combination with our industrial lighting you can create a beautiful decor and ultimate dining experience.

Pendant SLOOB with an E27 lampholder, 100 cm black twisted textile cordset & metal ceilingrose. You can choose for the trendy colours 'Gold', 'Red copper' and 'Tin'.

PUB is typical industrial pendant made of metal including an E27 lampholder. You can choose for the trendy colours 'Gold', 'Red copper' and 'Tin'.


Pendant REGUS BALL is handmade of Dutch maintenance wood. The one on the picture had a diameter of 100 cm. Also available in 75 & 60 cm round and in the colours natural or black.

We can create a custommade lightfitting to your specifications!

This elegant Oak pendant LOFT is brimming with character and durability. Including 300 cm black textile wire.

Elegant and sophisticated, the BREEZE pendant creates an ambiance that sets a welcoming tone for any classic or even industrial interior. 
It has an IP65 rating, which means it has a strong water resistance and could be used both outdoors and in bathrooms. 

ALOHA a colourfull pendant with a breeze……handmade of bamboo.

Pendant BUBBLE GUM made of a mouth blown glass shade which is part frosted, creating a warm diffuse glow when illuminated. Including a dimmable 12W LED lightbulb.

This modern chandelier CAROUSSEL has eight spokes radiating from a cylindrical centre. At the end of each spoke two E27 lampholders.
Each adjustable lampholder can be positioned in a number of ways depending on the desired look; vertically or horizontally or at an arbitrary angle to the floor.


Handmade fabric shades or pendants in various sizes & shapes.


Transform the look and feel of your interior by choosing your own pattern or colour. Are you looking for another size please contact us for a quotation.

Handmade fabric shades in two sided glossy fabric with logo sticker. 

Are you looking for another size please contact us for a quotation.

You can choose from several fabrics & colours. 

Do you want a personalised shade or pendant ask us for more options.

This picture gives you an good impression of fabrics, colours and various sizes.
Do you want a shade with your own fabric ask us for the conditions.

This conical lighting model is a trendy variation of the cylinder lampshade.
The tapered shade has a conical shape and gives your interior a different kind of impression.
It is also possible to line the inside with for an different colour or fabric. 
To make this shade more special you can choose for a stitching line on the seam.

A simple sharp form but than with round corners to create a tight effect in your livingroom or business surroundings. You can choose from several fabrics & colours. Do you want another size or a personalised shade please contact us for the possibilities.

Personalize your own lighting with digital prints. Design your own custom printed shade & diffuser lighting. Let us print your private pictures, company logo, quirky designs or even text to create a truly unique shade. It is also possible to line the inside with an other print or fabric. We can give you the advise and possible options where you are looking for.

To connect your Interior and Lighting even more, you can personlize your lighting.
For example this cylinder pendant personal designed and made for Piet Hein Eek from scrapwood wallpaper.


A warm cosy solution which reduces noise in your office or interior when you choose for felt. You can choose for 100% 'woolfelt' or 'feltlook'.
It is also possible to line the inside with for example the same or another colour. To make this shade more special you can choose for a stitching line on the seam.

Lampshade handmade with 100% woolfelt from Merino sheep in many colours.

The natural properties of Woolfelt:
non-flammable | insulating | dirt- and water repellent | sound absorption for acoustic solutions | 100% recyclable

This type of fabric is made of 100% polyester but also gives a perfect acoustic performance, a good price solution for the more expensive woolfelt.
Available in 12 colours. You can choose a different colour on the inside or outside.

This pendant RIB offers a high performance acoustic solutation with integrated 18W LED lighting, diamter 85 cm. Only available in grey.

We can add an acoustic decorative finish to our DOME pendants to create a calmer environment. Technical it is only possible to use the same colour for the out- and inside.

Design Murray

Tablelamp HIDE is extremely suited for a warm atmosphere in your home.
The base is made of untreated Teakwood with a glass bell and is equipped with a black textile cable and power plug.

A simple but sophisticated pendant DALE with a handmade lampholder from clay and therefore every pendant is unique. The length of the black silicone cable is standard 3 meter. Other length on request.

Pendant TWIRL is a new fresh trendy 3D design lampholder made of biodegradable plastic. This unique biodegradable pendant is available in three different shapes and in the colours 'white', 'black' and 'gold'. Including 200 cm textile cable.
Other colours are available on request.

Our design CAMILLA is the perfect solution when you can not install a pendant directly above your diningtable. Because the cable runs through the side an electrical connection is easy to connect. On the outside we use the fabric 'Chintz' and for a glossy effect we use on the inside the fabric 'Metallico'. To create a perfect colour match we add a golden textile cable and the pendant must be mounted with a three-part suspensionset.

This pendant JUST Black is designed and crafted in Holland and made of a metal disc including E27 lampholder black, 100 cm black textile cordset and black metal ceilingrose.
Also availble in JUST Black+' with a black felt top and JUST Goldleaf with a goldleaf finish. Do you like to have another colour please contact us for all options.


We advise and deliver interior design products for private and commercial interiors. Here you will find an impression.

The armchair on the picture is made of 100% recycled material.
You can choose one of the colour combination from our standard collection or you choose two RAL colours which we combine into one chair.

Armchair FILIP has an organic shape made of a synthetic shell and a base of naturel Oak. To be used as a diningchair but also nice in a meetingroom.
Also available in black.

Chair LILA is made of bent Oak with black metal legs. Available in 3 different colours 'natural', 'black' and 'smoked'.

Table ANOUK is made of Ash wood from Dutch maintenance trees and treathed with two components oil. Available in 'black' or 'natural'.

Choose from the following sizes;

200x90 cm | 220x90 cm | 240x90 cm | 250x90 cm | 280x90 cm | 300x90 cm

The BERLIN collection is a compact and contemporary modulair design that offers superior comfort that invites interaction between people.

Also available in the next options:
Armchair 85x75x70 cm
2-Seater sofa 180x75x70 cm
3-Seater sofa 230x75x70 cm

With only a seat and a back from model CUBE you have everything you need to arrange a space. You can easily create a poof, armchair, couch, corner couch, lounger, daybed a seat island or any imaginable variation.

The separate CUBE elements can be attached by using metal brackets, there’s no need for tools and with the adjustable feet you can set the system at the most functional height.
Available in many fabric options.

Black Steel

Much too can be made of black steel. Whether you choose a windowframe, a pendant or a cabinet. It is easy to make a statement or to add some ‘blackness’ to your interior.

Black steel frames are the trend of this moment. For complete office walls or a single Taatsdoor you can contact us for an quotation. 

With its timeless design and simple shape pendant ARTIST is beautiful.
Available in diameter 25 & 40 cm in the colours 'black', 'silver', 'grey'& 'red copper'.

The industrial open storage cabinet FELIX works everywhere from the living room to the dining room or home office.

Pendant JUST Black is a by Murray designed and crafted pendant made of a metal disc including E27 lampholder black, 100 cm black textile cordset and metal ceilingrose.
Also availble in Just Black+ with a black felt top and Just Goldleaf with a goldleaf finish. Do you like to have another colour please contact us for all options.


DOME pendants will offer a wide spread light to surfaces below and are suitable for offices and livingrooms.
Available in the following diameters;
30 | 40 | 50 | 60 | 70 | 80 | 90 & 100 cm

You can choose the colour yourself for the outside and inside.
The outside of this DOME lamp is RAL 9005 glossy. 

Here we advised a DOME pendant with a diameter of 90 cm. The length of the cabling is standard 200 cm but can be adjusted. Also the colour of the cord can be determined.

The goldleaf finish on the inside of this DOME pendant is applied by hand and gives a warm and luxurious look.

Here the house style colour of our customer is applied on the inside of the DOME.

Lighting Components

These large organic shaped lightbulbs are made of mouth blown glass and create a unique atmosphere.

Compatible with most standard lighting fixtures, simply insert these statement bulbs into your fittings and switch on for optimum productivity and creativity. Available in various shapes.

Celebrated for their unique shapes and striking impact, these designer bulbs are the most beautiful when displayed in a cluster.

When big isn’t big enough. These huge eye catchers are design statements on their own. To be used in wide open spaces, like lofts or trendy restaurants. The teardrop design makes the lightbulb both trendy as well as classical. This light source functions at its best with a matching E40 Cord set.

More than 100 different models of coloured textile cables, ideal for your personal lighting projects or to match with any lamp. You can pick between round, twisted or metal cables. Every single product is 100% designed and made in Europe.

We believe in quality of design, product & service.

Established in 1995 MURRAY has built up an impressive and extensive range of beautiful products for your interior.

Our lighting and interior designs has been used on many exciting projects. Check our website for some references. We try to inspire our customers with trendy and high quality products.

If you need any advise to improve your office or interior please let us know so we can help you to get your perfect working or livingspace !